Outsource Benefits

We have proven many times the outsourcing of you’re drafting needs will increase your production, smooth out you’re business and most of all, eliminate costly expenses. Below are examples of the benefits to outsourcing.

· Confidence – is what your clients and the market place will be experiencing project after project

· Overhead – Reducing the amount of in-house generated expenses

· Profitability – Gives you the ability to produce more projects

· Competitive – Strengthens your company’ future in the market place

· Reassurance – Knowing your project will be managed and delivered on time

· Efficiency – Provides the ability to market and secure more projects

· Training – Eliminates the need to hire and train new staff

· Turnaround – We can get started today 24/7 – Lead time as short as 5 hours

· Production – enables simultaneous project output which increases overall quantity

· Effective – reduces in-house project management which gives more time for other tasks

· Troubleshooting – Identifying and evaluation of potential issues early on

· Value – Reduces construction cost with quality well coordinated documents

· Green – Utilizing digital media reduces needless paper plotting

· Communication – You will achieve better results with the owner, architect, and contractor team

· Meticulous – Accurate, precise and thorough documents

· Background – Strong history working with architects, engineers, and manufacturing companies

· Overhaul – We take care of our personal business on our personal time – Not yours!

· Updates – Eliminates need for the latest software